This website is a free tutorials collection in English (and possibly other languages).
Every tutorial comes with a video that shows the results of the procedure. Videos are often raw: they have been made quickly, just to show what could be done in a couple of minutes. Anyway, every tutorial explains also how to improve the result, if you wanna spend more time on it.

All the content on this website is released under Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial.

If you want to support this website, you can buy me a coffee on PayPal.

All this work has been done in my spare time: I’ve been using automatic translation, performing some fast manual fixes. The result should be understandable, in the next months I’ll fix the text to make it sound better.

I also know that Kdenlive’s interface has changed a lot in this years: the functions I use in these tutorials are still available, they might just have a slightly different name or might be placed in a different spot of the GUI. If enough people are interested, I’ll consider taking new snapshots and adapting the tutorials to the last version of Kdenlive.

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